Troop Details


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Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church has agreed to share and assist us with the Scouting Program here at Troop 3.  They provide us with a meeting place and much more.


A group of parents and other interested adults who assist and support the Troop Program. Parents are encouraged to become members of the Troop Committee.  All committee meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM here at the church. See our Leaders page for contact information on our current Troop Committee leadership.


Adult supervision at the Troop level is provided by our Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters.


The Troop is divided into smaller groups, from 6 to 10 boys each that are called patrols.  Each Patrol has a name and an elected leader, disignated a Patrol Leader. These groups camp, eat, and compete together. The boys in the Troop elect a Senior Patrol leader who provides a level of leadership between the adult leaders and the patrol leaders.


The organization that is responsible for the Scouting Program in a wide geographical area.  Our Council, The Ohio River Vally Council, whose main office is located in Wheeling, is responsible for an area bounded on the North by Irondale, Freeport on the West, to the South by Joseph Mills, WV, and Wadestowns, WV to the East.


Each Council is divided into smaller geographical areas, and these areas are called Districts.  We are located in the Two Chiefs District.  (Our council is comprised of three districts altogether).



The Scouting Program recognizes a boy’s accomplishments by presenting him with an award that indicates the level of his accomplishment.  Those awards, called rank, occur in the following lowest to highest order:

  • Scout
  • Tenderfoot
  • Second Class
  • First Class
  • Star
  • Life
  • Eagle

Specific requirements for each rank advancement are detailed in the BSA Handbook. After completing the requirements and having them signed off, a scout has a Scoutmaster’s conference, and following that a Board of Review. He advances to the next rank when he has successfully passed the Board of Review.


Merit Badges may be earned from 100+ fields of interest.  They offer a broader range and deeper involvement in skills and knowledge than the ranks…. An approved counselor is required to issue this award.  Troop Policy is that only second class scouts and above can work on merit badges during the year.




An adult awards and participation program  for the men involved in the Troop.


An adult awards and participation program for the women involved in the Troop.



  1. There are no attendance requirements for membership in Troop 3.
  2. There are very strict attendance requirements in order to advance in rank however.
  3. All Troop activities are considered when rating attendance: Troop meetings might be considered the practice sessions and the outdoor meeting – the big game.



The Troop collects dues from each Scout in the amount of $0.25 a week.  This is used to buy patches of rank and pizza for the Troop.


Each Scout Unit – Troop 3 included – is responsible for purchasing and maintaining it’s own equipment.  Each year we embark on a project that will raise enough money to keep our program going.  These funds help raise the monies needed to run the Troop and assist with re-registration of our Unit with the BSA and with Troop expenses during the year. This program also offers each Scout a chance to earn money to offset his Summer Camp expenses.  Participation in this program is mandatory. See the Fundraising page for more details.


The Troop administers a savings plan that permits a boys to deposit with the trop, as often as weekly, funds to offset the cost of Summer Camp.


There are several sources to secure the personal scout equipment your son will need.

  • The Scout Office in Wheeling
  • Direct from the Scout Supply System
  • Garage Sales/Relatives/Neighbors
  • The Pittsburgh Scout Shop
  • Troop program for  Uniform Shirt/Pants (see Uniforms under Troop Policies)


Scheduled campouts and outings mean hungry boys! One week prior to each campout or other special event, money is collected from the participating scouts to purchase food for that event.  That money is committed and non-refundable.


A Troop program that promotes the wearing of uniforms, the use of the handbook and the taking of notes during the meetings – by presenting at each meeting to each Scout a sticker for:

  • Being In Uniform
  • Having his BSA Handbook
  • Carrying a pencil and paper


A Troop program that promotes attendance at weekend events.  Colored beads are presented for each activity, the color indicating what type of activity was participated in. These beads are worn on a special holder attached to the Scout’s Uniform belt.

Campfire Beads Award Guide

GreenFair Weather Outing in Tents
BlackFoul Weather Outing in Tents
WhiteSnowy Weather Outing in Tents
ClearCabin Outing
BlueWater, Canoe, Raft Trip
YellowHike-Bike or Walking
RedSummer Camp
Red Round BeadNational Event
OrangeTroop or Patrol Good Turn
PinkCouncil or District Event
BrownParents at Picnic, Court of Honor
or Family Dinner
PurpleV/V Event
Blue MarbleTribute or Honor Event/Scoutmaster's Advance Party Events
Green MarblePreparing Campsites in Advance of Troop Arrival
Orange MarbleOne Day Event
i.e. 'Capture the Flag'
Darl GreenCeremonial Team
Red StarRecruiting