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February 2016 outing report

On Friday the 26th, the troop left the church at 6 p.m. The trip to FSSR was about 45 minutes. After everyone arrived at camp, the gear was unloaded from the cars and taken into the mess hall. The scouts moved the beds around the mess hall. A fire was started, the scouts made their beds, propane stoves were set up, and the scouts were given free time to play games. snack was served, and the scouts headed to bed at 11.

The leaders woke the scouts up at 6:30, the scouts made their beds, and the patrol cooks started to cook cowboy eggs, sausage, and oranges. After cleaning up the breakfast tables, the scouts were informed on the picture activity that the patrols completed throughout the morning. At lunch, the patrols turned in their picture stories and ate quesadillas and apples. After lunch, the scouts were given advancement time to work on requirements and free time. The patrol cooks cooked corn, while the leaders cooked the rest of dinner. Dinner was server at 6 p.m. Dinner consisted of corn, chicken, bread, and many other great food. The patrols cleaned up, and the troop bonfire was set up. The order of the tom tom made an appearance towards the end of the campfire, and the order’s membership doubled this year. The scouts then presented their stories, with VVA winning this year.The scouts were given some free time until bed time.


The scouts were waken up at 6 a.m. The scouts packed up their personal gear, and started to move the beds back to the original spot. Breakfast was served, the scouts held church services, and were given free time until 10:30, when Mr. Sweeda left for his house. The troop gear was put away, a scatterball game was held, and the scouts and leaders went home.

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