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Earn Patrol Points!

Troop 3 has a tradition of encouraging participation in troop activities and good scouting practices though a points system.

Your Scoutmaster wants to improve communication between the troop, scouts and their parents.

Scouts can now assist their patrols in earning additional points each week in the following manner:

Each scout is invited to visit this website on a weekly basis, view any news, updates and the Scoutmaster’s Bulletin.

The scout needs to view the ‘News’ page, click the ‘comments’ link on the bottom of the most current post, fill in the form and click the  ‘Post Comment’   button. These comments will NOT be posted on the website, but are used only as a means of tracking the scouts participation.

Mr. Sweda will announce the points that will be awarded  the patrols for each scout’s weekly participation.

– Mr. Sweda may give a generous allowance of points for those who participate! 🙂
– Mr. Sweda may decide to take points away from a patrol who’s members do not participate. 🙁


Quick & Easy

  • Visit the ‘News‘ Page (click here)
  • click on the comment link under the post you just read
  • In the  ‘Name‘ field:    Enter your First name and ONLY the initial of your last name*            Example: Tom S
  • in the  ‘Email‘ field:    Enter your email                                                                                             (or if you don’t have one, just use ‘’)
  • in the ‘Website‘field: Enter your Patrol Name     Example: Eagles
  • in the comment area: Enter the day’s date:        Example: 06/25/2014



(* In compliance with BSA safe scouting policies, the last names of minor age scouts will not appear on any pages,)


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