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Ladder as of 2018/01/18             
rank name rating score opponents games last here clubRating ratingDelta title medals wins losses draws
1 "Joseph Stetson"889.08656 2018/01/18*1080.5260.45 colonel3600
2 "Jack Blake"847.84557 2018/01/18*920.2532.37 major3520
3 "Phillip Rawson"847.48669 2018/01/18*1010.16-8.68 major3630
4 "Judah McGalla"842.33567 2018/01/18*867.8358.82 major3520
5 "Dominic Weiss"816111 2018/01/18*737.0818.05 captain1100
6 "Jeremiah McGalla"784011 2018/01/18*745.72-18.05 sergeant0010
7 "Elijah Connell"783.39255 2018/01/06810.58-22.31 sergeant1230
8 "Chandler Hoffman"783.34357 2018/01/18*772.94-3.81 sergeant1340
9 "Roger Yang"772.39256 2018/01/18*838.18-19.29 sergeant1240
10 "Connor Garbade"771.54256 2018/01/18*769-7.12 sergeant2240
11 "Aidan Gray"765.351.555 2018/01/06731.87-24.12 sergeant1131
12 "Evan Whitehill"756.47023 2018/01/18*684.61-18.94 sergeant0030
13 "Mason Gray"740.781.557 2018/01/18*752.63-47.37 corporal1151

This program is used to manage a chess ladder for a chess club. It is not really a
“ladder” in that when one wins a match he does not change places with the loser.
Instead, the program calculates a rating for each player (using a version of the Elo rating
system that is very similar to the one used by USCF. See Elo rating system ). This
system will reward a player more if he wins against stronger opponents (and penalize a
player more if he loses against a weaker opponent).

All New playeres start with a rating of 800.

This is not to be confuse with the Chess Tournament that is currently going on..  However games from the tournament and all of the side games that arent in the tournament count against this rating.



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