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Troop 3 Chess Tournament Results

Even with the Very Cold weather we ended with the 10 Players. Even had two Players (Joseph Stetson & Roger Yang) showing up late and missing the first round. Maybe they did this to give the rest of the players as a chance. Because they was in the running to win the trophy. Joseph really ended up tie for 1st and came to a tie breaker that cost him to 2nd place. IF he would have played the first round which he might be able to get a win and also win or lost might have given him a higher tie breaker score.

Roger also had a strong showing, but also missed the first round. In his game in the 4th round was way ahead but lost his queen due to a blunder right before the clock ran out. He he lost the game by only 1 point. Then his second game was close game. IF only he played one more game, he had a chance to earn a medal.

    Score tie-break
1st Judah McGalla 4 14.5
2nd Joseph Stetson 4 10.5
3rd Jack Blake 3 14.5
4th Phillip Rawson 3 13.5
5th Connor Garbade 2 12
6th Roger Yang 2 11
7th Chandler Hoffman 2 9.5
8th Elijah Connell 2 9
9th Aidan Gray 1.5 10.5
10th Mason Gray 0.5 13

Additional Awards

Bubble Boy Phillip Rawson
Never Give Up Mason Gray
Most Improved Player Judah McGalla
  Beginner Class (Under 800 rating)
1st Connor Garbade
2nd Chandler Hoffman
3rd Aidan Gray

Most Improved Beginner Player: Connor Garbade

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